Why hire a writer?

We all learn to write in school, so why hire a writer?  Because good writing starts with a good strategy. And the ability to craft a good strategy comes with experience.


Ok, but why should i hire you?

Because I’m awesome. And very humble. And I think I’m pretty great to work with, at least I try to be. I’m a perfectionist who likes to hear “great job,” which fortunately requires that I do a “great job.” I also really enjoy developing meaningful connections with people—my goal is for my relationships with my clients to be true partnerships. We’re both trying to make your goals a reality, so we should not only enjoy the final success—but enjoy the journey along the way!


HistorY of my awesomeness

I graduated 13th in my class of 300-some in high school, excelling easily in English, French, and history while working really really hard to do well in science and math. Because of this, I think of my path towards becoming a writer as natural-feeling natural-selection, but I also feel fortunate that math and science weren’t always easy—because I learned how much working hard can actually pay off.

I then went to Emerson College and graduated with honors with a Writing, Literature, and Publishing degree. While at Emerson, I also had a secondary concentration in Media Studies. This meant I took an Acting for Film class, made my own website, and took production and theory courses (Camp & Cult Cinema!). I had a teacher tell me I “have a great eye” after I submitted this assignment. That comment may seem innocuous, but it reverberates in my head anytime I slightly edit this website or take a photo.

Anyway…I graduated in 2009, in the heart of the great recession. I was immediately humbled by the realness of the world. I did freelance copywriting and some awesome internships (at the now defunct Philadelphia City Paper and ever-growing United By Blue). I got my first fulltime position at GuestCounts hospitality where I learned a lot about digital marketing (social media, building websites, concepting campaigns), but I really wanted to work at an ad agency. So after putting some fake ads together, and going to a portfolio review night, I ended up connecting with a creative director who gave me my first official copywriting job at Razorfish Health in 2013.


This has left me with experience in these categories:

  • Arts & entertainment

  • Retail/fashion

  • Hospitality

  • Health and wellness (including some Pharma!)

  • Creative writing (short-fiction, prose-poetry, and film scripts)


That was long, what’s the short of it?

I’m a writer and photographer with 10+ years of digital marketing under my occasional elastic waistband. Tea-drinker steeped in years of user-centric design principles. Currently exploring a new-found desire to infuse analog processes into digital creation.

  • Passionate about creating experiences that stand out for their simplicity and usefulness

  • Specializing in website copywriting, campaign concepting, brand positioning, and long-form articles/blogging

I’ve had a lot of practice tackling a variety of challenges in a variety of markets, so use my experience to your advantage. Together we can create something that reflects the core values of your brand and moves you towards your goals.

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