Details & Philosophy

As a life-long writer, I always wanted to find a visual medium for self-expression. I started with digital photography in 2014, and loved it, but quickly also fell for medium format film. I love connecting with clients to really bring true moments to life in front of lens. 


I shoot both digital and film

Digital photography is best for situations where there is difficult lighting (low or unpredictable). It's also best for capturing fast moving subjects, such as animals and passing tourists.

However, there's a certain magic to film. Something that can't be replicated digitally, like the character a vinyl record gives to your favorite song. So I shoot a mix! Making me what’s called in the industry a “hybrid photographer.”



Crisp, Clean, & Modern



A romantic ToucH


I'm a natural light photographer

I am a natural light photographer who loves finding beauty in the everyday. One of the most important parts of capturing a mood in a photograph is the light source. Morning light looks very different from mid-day light and evening light. Winter light looks different than summer. The light in California is different than the light in Maine. These nuances make light such an important part of a photograph and it's a key aspect of how I shoot. 


i travel light

There are photographers that LOVE to play with every piece of equipment on market. That's not me. I'm dedicated to simplifying every aspect of my life (including photography) whenever possible. I usually come with 1-2 cameras (two if we're shooting both film and digital) and 1-2 lenses. Then film, extra batteries, and the other minor bips and bobs that keep the whole show running. And maybe a tripod. Maybe. 


i edit "light" too

Your photos will come back to you fully edited for contrast, exposure, white balance, and the minor blemish or two, as well as for my personal aesthetic. If you're looking for something to be heavily photoshopped, I'm not your gal.


your comfort is my priority

I’ve been on the other side of the lens, I know how uncomfortable it can be. But I promise you, after the first 10 minutes, your nerves will wear off and we’ll hit a groove. I’m hands-on (as long as you’re comfortable with that) and very communicative: I’ll help you find your angles and light. All you have to do is get some sleep the night before and stay hydrated. Jitters are expected, but you should leave feeling on top of the world.


I Do More Than Just Take Photos

The first step before any shoot is to talk about your vision and your goals. Photos aren’t really what I’m delivering, it’s the value those photos provide to you, your family, or your business. If it’s branding work of any kind, I like to start with a mini-branding workshop where we dig into who your audience is, your brand aesthetic, and how you want to use these photos (among other things). This is usually done over email, but I also love meeting up in person!


60 Day Turnaround time (or less)

You should receive your photos 60 days (or sooner) after our shoot date. Timing is dependent on what other projects I’m juggling (and time-of-year, colder months are quieter). If it looks like it will take me longer than 30 days, I’ll reach out and give you a timing update!


Rates depenD on the project

I get it. The next question is always: ok, but how much? Every project requires a different level of effort. We'll work together to determine what's feasible with your needs and budget. Below are some of my starting rates. Factors like: how many photos you need, the amount of people/products involved, and distance of the shoot from my headquarters can all play a part when it comes to the final number. For more information, pick from the below options or contact me directly! (There's never any obligation for asking for more information).

Starting Rates Per Project Type