As a life-long writer, I always wanted to find a visual medium for self-expression. I started with digital photography, and loved it, but quickly also fell for medium format film. There's a magic to film. Something that can't be replicated digitally. Like the character a vinyl record gives to your favorite song.



A romantic Touch



Crisp, Clean & Modern

The details

 I am a natural light photographer who loves finding beauty in the everyday. Because I'm a natural light photographer, all shooting locations must be outdoors or in rooms with generous window light. I also shoot with limited gear, as I believe great photography comes from connecting with your environment and your subjects. No amount of gadgetry can help you capture this connection (in fact, oftentimes, I think it just gets in the way).



Editorial - Travel - Lifestyle
Branding - Portrait




Even though photographs are static images, they should still feel vibrant. I like to bring energy to every editorial subject, whether it's the yoke running out of a just-cut poached egg or capturing the movement of a four-footed guest in a downtown hotel

Good for: magazines, blogs, & brands



I like to capture the big exciting images everyone gets when they travel, but also the smaller details: the people, the fabrics and foods, that make a place one-of-a-kind. 

Good for: travel sites & magazines, hospitality brands & restaurants



Capturing real life in a real way. 

Good for: families, couples, b-roll for dating profiles, pets, boudoir



You know you need a website, a Linkedin presence, a photo for all those conferences where you're a featured speaker. Branding isn't just about headshots. It's photos that show off who you are, what you make, or what services you provide. 

Good for: bloggers, entrepreneurs, mom & pop shops, freelancers, side-hobbyists & hustlers, artists, creatives, bigger businesses looking to add some movement to their marketing



This is where we get to play.  The goal is to capture you in a way you've always wanted to be seen—but in a way that may be different from your day-to-day. It's as if you get your own spread in a fashion magazine.  All that's required is some imagination and willingness to take a risk.

Good for: adventurous types, people who always wanted to explore their inner model, anyone who needs a reminder of how awesome they are, adding interest to your dating profile



Digital Portrait Sessions start at $250 for 1 hour of coverage

Add 2 rolls of Medium Format film for +$50
For more information on my rates, please:

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