We all learn to write in school, so why hire a writer?  Because good writing starts with a good strategy. And the ability to craft a good strategy comes with experience.

My background is in creative writing, arts & entertainment news, retail marketing, hospitality marketing, and in developing health and wellness digital experiences. I’ve had a lot of practice tackling a variety of challenges in a variety of markets, both online and off. So use my experience to your advantage. Together we can create something that really reflects the core values of your brand and enhances your business.

Content Marketing

No matter what business you're in, creating content that engages your audience will help keep you relevant and highlight your expertise. Whether you want to have a blog, publish articles in your field (online and off), or to just elevate your social media presence – I can write and photograph for you.

Content Curation/Strategy

The best efforts always begin with a well thought-out plan. So to help you update your website or grow your blog, I start by auditing your current content. This way we learn your strengths, and discover where there may still be opportunities – chances to engage a different audience or reach your current market more robustly.

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