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Think Peggy in Mad Men, but in the digital age. These days, the way we tell a brand story requires more than just a clever headline, and there are way more mediums that need words (websites, apps, social posts, blogs). You need words for your business, I write them. It really is that simple.


Content Marketing

No matter what business you're in, creating content that engages your audience will help keep you relevant and highlight your expertise. Whether you want to have a blog, publish articles in your field (online and/or off), or to just elevate your social media presence—I can write and photograph for you.


Content Curation/Strategy

The best efforts always begin with a well thought-out plan. So to help you update your website or grow your blog, I start by auditing your current content. This way we learn your strengths, and discover where there may still be opportunities—chances to engage a different audience or reach your current market more robustly.



A copywriter’s job doesn’t stop at just writing some words. We’re often tasked with the thoughtfulness behind how a brand should be positioned to cultivate and keep an audience. One of my favorite things is to work with both photography and writing clients to dive into the “why” behind your business and your marketing choices, to help you discover your unique value and the best and most authentic ways you can reach the people you want to engage.



Need More than just a copywriter?

I’ve been fortunate to work with (and learn from) a ton of designers and user experience architects. If your project requires more than just a writer, I’m happy to recommend someone! I also have a host of friends who are project managers, account managers, data analysts, developers, regulatory specialists, and copyeditors (as well as additional writers!). I may be a one-person shop, but I have a lot of really talented friends and I’m always excited to work with them again.

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